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Emmelev is the only oil mill that buys rapeseed directly from farmers and strive for the best market conditions.

Things you should consider

This must be brought with you on delivery, regardless of who makes the delivery.

Get ready
Prepare before harvest, whether you want to have your rapeseed picked up or you want to deliver it to Emmelev yourself.
Make a call
Register your rapeseed for collection only when it has been harvested - this avoids driving in vain.
Fastest road
When picking up, make sure to put your rapeseed out on a solid road on level ground, so that it is also possible to pick up canola in unsettled weather.
The responsibility
Remember that you are responsible for the rapeseed until it is picked up.
Receipt number
You may be asked to provide a receipt number of your rapeseed.

Did you know…

of your rapeseed

When the time approaches for the rapeseed to be harvested, there are some practical conditions that need to be in place before it gets underway. We are happy to help with planning regarding transport of your rapeseed.

See our...

Afregningstakster for rapsfrø 2024

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