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Fire: extensive damage

To all our business partners

On the night of Saturday, a fire accidentally broke out in the oil mill in one of the two large halls at Emmelev. The police estimate that the fire started in one of the press machines that press rapeseed for oil, and the fire was therefore unfortunately very extensive. It took most of a day to completely extinguish the fire.
“We have suffered extensive damage to the company. Fortunately, no one was injured, but the damage to our production plant is unfortunately extensive," says director Morten Simonsen.
Major clean-up work and subsequent reconstruction now await, so that Emmelev can once again start producing all of the company's products under the same conditions as before the fire. It is still too early to estimate how long it will take to rebuild what was destroyed.
"It is clear that we must return to producing the same as we could before the fire, as soon as possible, but it is still too early to say when we can be up and running as usual. We will do everything we can, and of course we will keep our customers continuously informed about what is happening," says Morten Simonsen.
All our business partners are of course welcome to contact us with questions or enquiries.