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28. november 2022

A new factory hall is being established at Emmelev A/S

Otterup 28 November 2022
Emmelev A/S in Otterup, Denmark, is now establishing a new and modern factory for pressing rapeseed and thus the production of rapeseed oil as well as rapeseed cakes for feed for e.g. dairy cows.
“Right now, trusses are being erected for a brand new factory, which will accommodate the new and more efficient oil mill. It has previously been in operation and is currently being dismantled and transported to Otterup to be installed in the hall,” says Martin Simonsen, who is involved in the work on setting up the new production equipment.
For a period Emmelev A/S has paused the production of rapeseed oil and thus also rapeseed cakes, which are used in the feed for dairy cows. Production is expected to resume in a few months:
"We strive to always do the best for our customers, and therefore we have promised them that we will continuously keep them informed about the progress of the construction and when we can expect production to resume," says co-owner Morten Simonsen, Emmelev A/S.
Right now, Emmelev's employees are working at high pace to create the foundation for the new factory hall and the installation of the new machines. It will be a modern and larger hall than the previous one.
“We know that there is a great demand for the protein-rich rapessed cakes, so we are looking forward to being able to deliver to our customers again," says Morten Simonsen.