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17 October 2022

Reconstruction after the fire is progressing according to plan

Otterup, 17 October 2022
The work to rebuild part of the production apparatus at Emmelev A/S in Otterup, after a fire in September, is now progressing according to plan.
The fire started in the oil mill, where oil is pressed out of rapeseed. As a result, we have temporarily had to stop production of the protein-rich rapeseed cakes, which are used in the feed for e.g. dairy cows. The other parts of the production plant have been less affected.
We strive to always do the best for our customers, and have therefore promised them that we will keep them informed on how the reconstruction is progressing and when we can expect production to resume.
The plans for the reconstruction have been laid and are in full swing. This is primarily about cleaning up after the fire, as well as rebuilding the hall where the oil mill was located. In addition, we have purchased a new oil mill. This oil mill has previously been in operation and work is now underway to take it down and have it shipped to Otterup and set up.
It is still too early to say exactly when production can resume in full. We are working at high pressure to get started as soon as possible, and there are many indications that we will be in place with the new production facility in early 2023.
We have good Danish rapeseed in stock ready to be included in production, and we know that there is a great demand for the protein-rich feed cakes, so we look forward to being able to deliver to our customers again.