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First on the bridge scale with the rapeseed harvest

First on the bridge scale with the rapeseed harvest

Erik Emdal, Otterup, harvested 17 hectares of rapeseed and is delighted with good yields and good prices.
Plant breeder Erik Emdal was again one of the first on the scale at Emmelev A/S in Otterup when the rape harvest began.

Now he needs to drive the last load of rapeseed to Emmelev A/S, then harvesting is over for the 17 hectares of rapeseed that have been produced this year.

I have had a yield of around 4 tonnes per hectare, so I am well at peace, not least at this time when the price of rapeseed is high," says Erik Emdal.

He swathes the rapeseed, and he brings home the extra expense by delivering a dry crop with a low water percentage, so he does not have to pay for drying, which in this day and age is not an entirely small expense item.

Now it will probably be a week before he can tackle the other crops. Erik Emdal farms 114 hectares and supplies the rapeseed directly to Emmelev A/S, which is located nearby.

At Emmelev A/S, co-owner Morten Simonsen, Emmelev A/S, is well satisfied that the rape harvest has started and expects that next week it will be really busy at the weighbridge. The oil-containing seeds are used for the production of sustainable green biodiesel and, not least, protein-rich fodder cakes, which are purchased by dairy farmers and displace imports of soy from South America.

Farmer Erik Emdal