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about CSR and sustainability.

Did you know…

17 rules for the world goals

Emmelev will live up to the 17 rules set out by the World Goals/OECD. In addition to the official targets, the UN has also set out 10 principles of responsible behaviour.


CSR strategy

Emmelev's management has decided on a CSR strategy with emphasis on the main points below:

№ 01

EmmeIev's main objective with the production of biodiesel is to be able to offer the market a suitable, liquid, non-fossil fuel for the transport and energy industry.

№ 02

Emmelev will live up to all the rules for the environment and working environment that are expected of a modern company, and in doing so will take into account employees, local communities, other affected companies such as suppliers and customers.

№ 03

Emmelev's management will annually designate areas of action to seek further improvements in CSR and Sustainability.

№ 04

Emmelev will, where possible, make reasonable demands on its subcontractors that they live up to the Global Goals.

№ 05

Within the existing framework, Emmelev will live up to the Global Goals for a good and up-to-date CSR strategy.

№ 06

Emmelev is ISO 50000 certified for its own energy consumption.

№ 07

Emmelev will still be a fully certified company that satisfies the rules that apply to determining a CO2 displacement for the products that are delivered. For all suppliers of i.a. A harmonized EU regulation applies to biodiesel, which determines the CO2 displacement. ( 2009/28/EC ). With its biodiesel production, Emmelev will continue to live up to a CO2 displacement of no less than 60%.